Save Rosia Montana – Who is behind Gabriel Resources

First of all I will start to ask you to share this if you find it interesting. Social Media is the only weapon we have in a war against a corrupt government, and a media that is not the truth’s ally and servant but a slave to the highest bidder.

It is hard to choose what to post first when so many things are happening.  Should I post about the Antena 1 changing the sound background from the Romania – Hungary football gamebecause an entire stadium was chanting UNITED! WE’LL SAVE! ROSIA MONTANA! ?

But probably the money paid by Gabriel Resources for the commercial during the game covered this low manipulation scheme made by Antena 1, which decided that the millions of Romanians who were watching the game on TV should not hear a stadium of 50.000 people screaming against this ecological disaster. Rest assured, people know about that already, mostly thanks to the Facebook hashtags #unitisalvam, #saverosiamontana and #rosiamontana.

Sold by the government, sold by the media.

Or should I how at this moment, at almost 11 PM in Romania, that thousands of people sit in front of the national televisions, yet these televisions are not saying one thing about that?

I will just come back with more detailed posts about the above thoughts and facts and for now I will only post two very useful videos.

But one more thing before we proceed, here is the list of Gabriel Resources shareholders, according to their website:


As at July 31, 2013, Gabriel had the following significant shareholders:

Shareholders %
Paulson & Co 16%
Electrum Global Holdings 16%
BSG Capital 16%
Newmont 13%
Baupost Group 13%
Free-float 26%

And now a few words about them:

Paulson & Co – owned/controlled by John Paulson,

Small comment: he has some small connections with our country, but this doesn’t stop him to create the greatest ecological danger in the entire Europe.

His mother was the daughter of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania and Romania who had moved to New York City.” – from the wikipedia page linked above.

In 2000, he married Jenny Zaharia, a Romanian immigrant who came to the United States” from the wikipedia page linked above.

Electrum Global Holdings – owned/controlled by Thomas Kaplan

They say about him that he makes “great bets“, and the fact that he is involved in this deal is a little scary to me.

“[...]He also predicted correctly that Saddam Hussein would seize Kuwait, which would cause gold and oil prices to rise. “A year before Hussein invaded, he warned me this would happen,” said Yossi Ciehanover, chairman of the Israeli state airline, El Al, who used to consult with Kaplan.” – from the wikipedia page linked above.

BSG Capital – owned/controlled by Beny Steinmetz

  • Beny is my favorite by far, but he seems pretty busy these days:

The U.S. Justice Department and the FBI have been investigating BSGR’s acquisition of the rights to extract half of the iron ore deposits at Simandou, Guinea, due to concerns about corruption and bribery.[13][14][15][7]

The March 2011 issue of Forbes magazine estimated his personal wealth at US$6 billion.[16] As of March 2011, he was the second richest person in Israel, before Sammy Ofer died in June 2011.” – from the wikipedia page linked above.  from Thursday 29 August 2013

Steinmetz, 57, secured the rights to extract half the ore at Simandou after investing $165m in exploration, and then sold half his stake to a Brazilian mining corporation for $2.5bn.

In a country where millions of people live in desperate poverty, without running water, electricity or a functioning infrastructure – while sitting on some of the richest mineral deposits in the world, it was a deal that caused widespread anger and resentment.

- you should really read the entire article in The Guardian to find out what could happen to Romania too.

  • And a small text from his profile on Forbes:

Guinea’s first democratically elected president is threatening to take back the world’s largest untapped iron reserve from Beny Steinmetz who acquired rights to the project from dictator Lansana Conte for free, after he had stripped it from Australian giant Rio Tinto.


So this are just a few of the guys we are up against: Beny Steinmetz, John Paulson and Thomas Kaplan. These are the guys after the Rosia Montana gold.

These are the sharks that are having in their back pocket: the government of a EU country, the PM victor ponta and our greedy greedy president traian basescu, who already made a fortune by selling our country’s other resources, by selling an entire fleet owned by the Romanian state, by robbing Bucharest in his time as mayor, by letting his brother trade weapons and by controlling his political party mafia and offering them protection from the justice system. The latter probably brought him most of the money. We are taking about energy deals, natural resources deals, state companies destroyed and then bought for nothing. They just robbed a country, just like the guys before them. So our not so honest president, traian basescu, is already a billionaire and he can probably compare with any of the famous trio Steinmetz, Paulson and Kaplan. 

And if someone’s wondering why the Romanian media betrayed the citizens, well the cost to  arrange that is probably equal with the tip left in Monte Carlo by any of these 4 guys – yes, I added the president to the list. I would have done the same with victor ponta, our Prime Minister, but he is a kid yet comparing with basescu.  If you are reading this please don’t be sad dear victoras, you are young, you have plenty of time to steal and it seems that you have no problem in selling your country and lying to your voters on the Rosia Montana problem before the election, only to switch very fast after the elections and a few talks with basescu.


And now the two movies. The first one is about Newmont, you can see them in the Gabriel Resources’ shareholders list. Here is their shareholders list, and I will talk about more about that in another post.

And the second one is also a must-see.

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2 thoughts on “Save Rosia Montana – Who is behind Gabriel Resources

  1. Anamaria E

    Great information! Thank you for gathering all this information ! How recent have the main investors been confirmed ? it would be great to be able to discover some more data and to link it to them .Do you have any sources about bribery involving at ROSIA Montana ?

  2. Save Rosia Montana Post author

    We used the infos provided by Gabriel Resources in their last update. Sources of bribery? Even the Romanian PM said he thinks some politicians took money from them. Some of them are so desperate to earn their bribe that they even gave up on pretending they are representing Romania’s best interest. More infos about this story here: soon with a version in English too. To focus on one important thing, this whole thing is based on a fraudulent action. In other words, it was born corrupt.


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